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Fishing guide

Hire a professional fishing guide

Why hire a guide?

Having a guide attached will increase your chances of finding fish. Having said that, there is no guarantee, as we are playing with nature, but Thomas can give you the best conditions for finding the fish. It is then your task to land it.

Thomas can:

  • Locate new fishing grounds

  • Know all existing fishing grounds

  • Has knowledge about choosing bait for the season in question

  • Has updated tide tables

  • Has knowledge about fly fishing, Spin & bombarda

  • Knows places that work in all kinds of wind and weather and for the needs of the individual

  • Knows the latest catch reports

Thomas Matzen has over 25 years of experience with fishing in Denmark and abroad. Among other things, he has lived in the Faroe Islands where fishing was explored and in Sweden where his passion for fishing has many fish on his conscience. Thomas is a multi-fisherman from the coast, so whether you fish spin, bombarda or fly rod, he is on the beat. Thomas speaks German, English, Swedish and understands Norwegian & Faroese.