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Fishing spot - Hagenør and Børup Strand

Go fishing at Hagenør and Børup Strand and enjoy the beautiful nature in the area.

Costal fishing at Hagenør and Børup Strand

In the nature area Hagenør and at Børup Strand you'll find several good fishing spots.

Fishing in the Little Belt

From the fishing spots at Hagenør you can catch the types of fish that are typically catched in the Little Belt. Flatfish can be caught in areas with sandy grounds, as well as garfish and mackerel when in season. It is also possible to catch cod. The area is part of Nature park Lillebælt. Read more about the Nature park here!

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Fishing from bridge at Hagenørvej

At Hagenørvej there is a nice fishing spot where you can fish from bridge. The fishing spot is located at the end of Hagenørvej, close to a parking lot, and is a classic coastal spot from which you can fish in relatively deep water in the Little Belt.

Fishing from the cliffs of Hagenør

If you follow the yellow marked hiking trail in the area, you'll reach the cliffs of Hagenør, which is a fine fishing spot for catching flatfish that lives on the sandy ground of the coast.

Fishing area off Damgård

If you continue along the coast past the cliffs, you'll reach another fishing area, which is located next to Damgård. This is a relatively unknown fishing area.


Parking: There is public parking at Hagenørvej.

GPS Coordinates: 55.51769, 9.65427

Follow the yellow walking trail and show consideration

Most of the nature area at Hagenør is privately owned. Therefore, show consideration for the area's residents and privacy by only using the yellow marked route when exploring the area. Thank you!


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