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Fjellerup Beach

Fine sandy beach with shallow water.

Charming sandy beach and shallow water

Fjellerup Strand offers a fine sandy beach with shallow water depth, ideal for families with small children who want a safe and pleasant bathing experience.

Nature activities on the lake

In the summer, Fjellerup Strand comes alive with a wealth of nature activities when the Coast and Fjord Centre opens their summer base. Here you can enjoy an exciting exhibition about fishing through the ages, experience live fish and crabs, and use the convenient bathing jetty.

Facilities and surrounding area

The beach is surrounded by a beautiful area of holiday homes and campsites and offers amenities such as toilets, car park, lifeguards and emergency telephones to ensure a safe and enjoyable day at the beach.

Give yourself the gift of exploring Fjellerup Strand and enjoy a wonderful day at the seaside where relaxation and fun activities await you and your family.

The Blue Flag Station in Fjellerup offers plenty of activities, including

  • Touch pools and aquariums with fish caught just outside the door
  • Local history exhibition about the old Fjellerup
  • Guided tours with nature experts
  • Introduction to snorkeling
  • Introduction to SUP
  • Borrow rackets and waders
  • Events and other activities

SUP adventure at Fjellerup Beach

Fjellerup Strand is not only known for its child-friendly beach, but with its shallow water it is also a perfect place for an unforgettable SUP experience.
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The beach is located in an area with cottages and campgrounds. There are restrooms, parking lot, rescue and emergency telephone.

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