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Fjordgård Vin & Vadehav

Fjordgård is located in Nationalpark Vadehavet with fields all the way down to Ho Bugt, which forms the northernmost part of the Wadden Sea. The farm is run and owned by the winemaker Ib and his wife Hanne who grew up on this authentic and beautiful farm.

The farm is a family farm, which has been owned by Hanne's family for generations. Ib, a vintner, came to Fjordgård in 1978 all the way from Zealand, and despite his 40-year work at integrating himself in the local community, he still considers himself a “newcomer”. Ib also grew up on a farm on Zealand and he has a marketing degree.

But don’t you have to be crazy to make wine in western Jutland?

Ib admits that the windswept landscape of western Jutland is not the optimal place for viticulture - “But it’s not as bad as all that,” Ib says, and continues: “We have ‘proven’ that since 2003-04 where we planted the first 100 plants and up to today where we have approximately 1,600.”

Fjordgården’s first wine was made in 2007 and it turned out great - the vintage won two bronze medals at Dansk Vinskue (a Danish wine show) in 2008! Since then, what was originally a little hobby business has developed into a professional winery with a focus on simple craftsmanship and keeping things manageable. As Ib says: “1,600 plants may sound like a lot, and it is, especially when the plants need pruning.” Fjordgård Vin & Vadehavs remains, despite the 1,600 plants, one of the smaller approved commercial wineries in Denmark.

Danish wine

Throughout the years, the farm has produced many types of wines ranging from table wines (white, rosé and red wine) to fortified wines (port wine and sherry wines), dessert wines and sparkling wines. Apple wines are also on the list, made from the farm’s own apples from both old and new trees.

You can find the full selection of wines from Fjordgård at their online store.