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Fuglsang Forest

Visit the beautiful natural area Fuglsang Forest and have fun in nature.

Experiences Await in Fuglsang Forest

In the picturesque area of Fuglsang Forest, you certainly won't be bored!

Beautiful Fuglsang Forest is located close to Fredericia's center and, together with Hannerup Forest, forms a large contiguous natural area filled with activities and experiences for outdoor and nature enthusiasts.

The two forests are separated by a railway line, but you can move from one forest area to the other via the bridges that cross the railway.

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Nature Area with Activities for Children and Adults

In Fuglsang Forest, you can enjoy the local wildlife and plant life, and there are plenty of opportunities to be active in nature. The area has a large and developed trail system that starts at Fuglsang Forest's parking lot.

Here, you'll also find restroom facilities and tables and benches near the area's natural playground, but you're also welcome to bring a blanket and have a picnic in the greenery.

Horseback Riding Trail, Running Trail, Outdoor Fitness, and a Natural Playground

In addition to a lovely natural playground, Fuglsang Forest also features an area for outdoor fitness, a 5 km marked running trail, and a marked horseback riding trail. Along these routes, you'll pass through Fuglsang's beautiful forest and marsh areas.

It's in Fuglsang Forest that you can spot the large wooden owl perched in the treetops. Remember to look up, and you'll easily spot it!

See Roe Deer in Fuglsang Forest

Did you know that you can experience roe deer in Fredericia? In Fuglsang Wild Life Park, you can get up close to these beautiful animals.

Near the parking area, you will find Fuglsang Forest's wildlife enclosure with roe deer, which have plenty of space to roam. If you want to feed the roe deer, remember that they can only have apples and carrots (other foods like pasta and bread upset their stomach).

Handicap-Friendly Paths and a Blind Path

Uniquely, Fuglsang Forest is also a special destination for those with disabilities. The area has wide paths suitable for wheelchair users and a separate blind path.

Read more about disability-friendly experiences in Fredericia here!

Historical Traces in Fuglsang Forest

In Fuglsang Forest, there are also historical sites to discover.

In the northern part of the forest, there is an iron cross under an old beech tree. The iron cross was erected in memory of a German soldier who fell here during the siege of Fredericia in 1849.

You can find more information here!

Information and Facilities

Restrooms: There is a restroom building at the end of Fuglsangvej.

Parking: There is parking available at the end of Fuglsangvej.

Marked Running Trail: Fuglsang Forest has a 5 km running route, which also passes through Hannerup Forest.

Marked Horseback Riding Trail: The area has a special marked horseback riding trail.

Marked Blind Path: The area has a special marked blind path.

Dogs: Dogs must be kept on a leash. Be aware that there may be horseback riders in the area.

Guided Tours with Det Grønne Fredericia

Det Grønne Fredericia holds a variety of activities in and around Fredericia. In Fuglsang Forest, you can often experience the rutting of the deer.

Check out an overview of activities and book tickets here!


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