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Fuglsang Manor

With the help of a number of foundations, the Classen Fideicommis has recreated this unique centre for scientific contemplation and exchange of ideas. At the same time, the centre is now open for private guests to experience this piece of Danish history. It is possible to stay overnight or have a gourmet meal in Restaurant Viggo N.

Fuglsang Herregaard's main building is a single wing with short side wings, built in red stone with a tiled roof and ridged gables. There are impressive, water-filled moats on 4 sides. A path leads to 'Skejten', a nature area by Guldborgsund with rare flora and fauna.

The park is open to everyone all year round.

With a visit to Fuglsang Herregaard and Fuglsang Art Museum, you are guaranteed magnificent experiences. Fuglsang is a highlight of any holiday on the South Sea Islands, whether you're looking for some of Denmark's most beautiful nature or are interested in award-winning art.