Green Experience
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A modern pizzeria

Fumo values the materials and local suppliers highly.

The center of the restaurant is of course the wood-fired oven, which is the focal point.

Fomu offers small portions, pizza and dessert. In addition, you can buy a menu consisting of 6 servings adapted to the season.

Fumo means "smoke" in Italian and is a reference to their wood-fired oven. The oven is in many ways the heart of the restaurant.

Fumo's food is best described with the words; simpel, honest and tasty. Here, it is the materials that are in focus.

Parts of the menu can and will be replaced from day to day, as Fumo, like their suppliers, are dependent on nature and what it can provide.

In addition, in the selection of suppliers and manufacturers, it has been important for Fumo to choose local where possible, without compromising on quality.