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Fur Brewery

The family owned FUR Brewery opened on the 30th September 2004.

The red wooden building, designed by the architect Gunnar Glan, was inaugurated in 1926.

As from the beginning the two-storeyed building contained a grinding plant, laboratory and office. There was also a railway, engine shed, smithy, five drying barns, crew house and a discharging jetty.

The smithy and the crew house have been kept and you can still find some traces in the landscape from the other buildings. The trains which drove on the railway are still left in the area and can be seen at the old smithy. The landscape around Fur Molerværk tells about the geology and the industry during the latest 100 years. The building is well-preserved and a good representative for the early industrial buildings.

Today it is the beer, which is flowing in the building and it has made the place well-known everywhere in Denmark. Fur Bryghus receives yearly between 30-40,000 guests.