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Gallery Bork

Close to the A26 opposite the Øster Jølby is the small gallery Bork which exhibits an exquisite group of acclaimed artists including Erik Heide, Mogens Gissel, Erik Warming and Aage Gitz-Johansen. The exhibition includes sculpture, painting, gouache, watercolor, woodcuts and ceramics. See also. www.bork-billedkunstner.dk the menu "In English" and "Images of recent exhibitons".

The gallery also offers summer courses as gallery owner Jørn Bork stands for, on the: See his website under the menu "Malekursus på Mors". Unfortunately it is not in English.

Jørn Bork is a painter and sculptor, and works with Greenlandic myths as inspiration for his works. He has lived and worked in Greenland for 26 years.

In 2006 he bought the abandoned farm in the Baltic Jølby, now converted into a gallery and studio.

The gallery is open when we are at home - call if necessary on 61658661.