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Gallery Heike Arndt DK

Gallery Heike Arndt DK is an international respected Danish owned gallery that has been successful since 1989 in Kettinge and since 2008 in Berlin Friedrichshain.


The gallery was founded by the artist and cosmopolitan, Heike Arndt, and is characterized by its presentation of internationally renowned artists mostly working in the Nordic countries as well as in Germany but also some of the best local artists from the region. Painting, sculptures, drawings but also new medias are here represented. In addition, you can also experience Heike's own works at times.

Her East German upbringing and countless long-term stays throughout the world (such as Greenland, Africa, China, South America and the United States) have enabled her to build bridges between people and cultures through art and her multicultural background.

Despite the depopulation of the outskirts and the difficult cultural and artistic heritage, Gallery Heike Arndt DK has managed to maintain high artistic quality throughout the last 25 years.

In 2008, the gallery expanded its domain with a branch in Berlin, where there are also continuously exhibited new exhibitions, events, and held Scandinavian Meetingpoint Berlin, where anyone with an interest in Scandinavian culture can meet in casual and informal surroundings. The gallery's many different activities and exhibitions actively contribute to its goal of bridging the international and Nordic art scene
both in Berlin and in Lolland.


Besides presenting exhibitions, the gallery also offers other activities such as guided tours for both artistic groups (min. 8 people), school classes and associations.


The gallery defines itself as "klein aber fein". The focus is o to present contemporary art from Germany and the Nordic region. Here you will find paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, graphics and other new media such as street art. The graphics department always has a wide range of works. It is the gallery's desire to make its department in the Fehmarnbelt Region (Kettinge) an exciting, innovative cultural platform, where there is artistic high ceilings and space for a positive dialogue based on the principles of openness, good quality and cultural expertise.


The newly opened Art Lab gives international artists the possibility to work and stay at the Artlab Residency with great facilities for sculptors, painters and other creatives. The graphic workshops is one of the biggest graphic studios in Denmark. Are you interested in Art this place is absolutely worthwhile to visit.