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Gallery Koloristen

Dina Amholt is a multi-talented artist and works in a variety of materials with an emphasis on colours. 

Visit the 150 m2 gallery with one-of-a-kind products. Everything is handmade, with the colours determining the aesthetic direction of the artworks.

The jewellery is made from semi-precious stones and glass beads, and some is crafted by glass fusing. My glass products are made using a cold glass technique where I focus on dishes, candlesticks, vases and jewellery. My paintings are diverse. I work in acrylic paint, encaustic wax paint techniques, liquid watercolours, collage and decoupage techniques, as well as a mix of the various media.

You can hold events for groups, associations etc. There is room for 25 people. Tours can also be arranged. Contact me for more information.

Visit Galleri Koloristen, year round by appointment.