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The garden of Eden in Hellebæk Forest

The campsite is located in the cosy forest at Hellebæk. The place is very used, so it is a good idea to check if it is busy before booking.

From the parking lot at Skindersøvej, there is approx. 150 meters on foot by gravel road, which is also suitable for persons with reduced mobility.
The toilet building can be used in agreement with the forest district, and it is also adapted for disabled people.
When booking the campsite, an electronic password will be provided to the toilet when confirming the reservation.

There is electricity in the square.

There are two shelters each with room for 20 people

The toilet is closed during the period 1 November to 1 April.

Contact the forest runner at bper@nst.dk for more information.

The site is booked on the Nature Agency website.