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Gedesby Mill

Gedesby Mølle is Denmark's southernmost Dutch mill, and the old mill is beautifully restored and fully functional. But that's not the only reason people flock to Gedeby from all over Lolland and Falster. No, it's the gigantic flea market that fills both buildings and a large tent that is famous throughout the region.

Every summer, the flea market is open Saturday and Sunday, and the same goes for holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Check the website to see when you can secure a bargain next time.

When you're done shopping and admiring the mill, there's also a great playground and free-standing benches and tables where you can eat your food or cake. Leave the coffee at home, you can buy it from us. You decide how much you wish to pay for the coffee - but the money will be donated to the preservation of the mill.

The town of Gedesby is a cosy old village full of atmosphere, with small streets and thatched houses, beautiful gardens, a beautiful church and a duck pond (without ducks).