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Gelato Italia

In the city's pedestrian street, you'll find a small ice cream dairy with its own ice cream shop.

The ice cream is produced continuously in the shop, completely from scratch, based on their own recipes and with a strong focus on organic ingredients. The milk is sourced fresh from the organic dairy farm Østerlund in southern Funen. As one of the few ice cream shops in the country, they also make their very own homemade soft serve from scratch, using vanilla from the Tonga Islands or organic Belgian chocolate. No additives, just pure high-quality ingredients. The waffles are homemade, and their marshmallow topping is, of course, also homemade.

At Gelato, there are always 24 different varieties in the ice cream display, but they change regularly and offer up to 50 different varieties throughout the season. Additionally, they offer milkshakes and a take-away menu with ice cream cakes and desserts, as well as the option to take their delicious ice cream home in thermal boxes.

During the summer, you can also find them in their ice cream van located at Svendborg Harbor.