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Gender Blender

KØN - Gender Museum Denmark zooms in on the influence of gender and asks the questions: What is normal? Why do boys traditionally tend to play with cars rather than with dolls? What does it mean to be transgender? 

Are we comfortable with our bodies? What is gender equality and do we have it in our society today? And what influence does it have, if we are born a boy or a girl?

The Cultural History of Gender

KØN - Gender Museum Denmark in Aarhus portrays the cultural history of gender and explores the influence of gender on our behavior, our self-image and on the way we are met by the world.

Equal Rights for All

Men’s as well as women’s position in society has changed and today everyone expects to be able to express oneself regardless of gender and sexuality. In ‘Gender Blender’, KØN - Gender Museum Denmark displays masculine, feminine and transgender exhibits from the museum’s collection built around eight themes: work, humour, body, heritage, politics, the world, art and activism.

Round off your visit with a great cup of coffee in the cozy café.

Gender Blender is a permanent exhibition.


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