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If you always dreamt about making your own gin, or simply think it could be a new fun experience to try. Then stop by GinSkolen (the Gin School).

Have you always dreamed of making your own gin?

At Ginskolen, you can do just that! Come and make your own gin, at Ginskolen you are involved in the whole process.

When you come out to our premises in Haslev, you will first be greeted by our gin store, where we have over 350 different bottles.

Next, you step into Ginskolen itself, where we will spend the next 3 hours together. Last but not least, you will also have the opportunity to see our distillery, where our delicious organic BeGin Cph is based and produced.

Our hosts, who are gin nerds themselves and passionate about telling the good story, will take good care of you.

Once you have settled in front of a copper kettle, we will tell a bit about who we are, and of course what will happen over the next three hours.

You will then receive 1 liter of spirits in your kettle, and then it is time to choose among the many different botanicals (ingredients) that will make your Gin special.

You will be given information sheets, to help you understand what the different botanicals do for you. We assist you throughout the development of your recipe and will guide you through the composition of botanicals.

When you have added your botanicals and your gin is distilling, we serve a Gin & Tonic and are ready to tell stories and answer questions. There will be snacks, and the opportunity to explore the Gin store, if you desire to do so.

Finally, when your gin has finished distilling, we ensure it has the alcohol percentage you prefer. We then pour it into a bottle, labeled with your name, date, ABV (alcohol percentage), and ingredients. Now you are officially a gin master distiller.

Along the way, Gin & Tonics will be served, and all gins from the bar can be tasted before a gin and tonic is made from it.

A natural Ginskolen discount will, of course, be given on all purchases in the Gin store on the evening you participate.