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Girl with dead bird

The artist drew inspiration for the work from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Poor Wife and the Little Canary", about a poor wife who cannot afford to bury her deceased husband.

She is comforted by a little yellow canary who flies in through the window and sings to her and the dead man. It all ends happily when she returns the bird to its owners and they help the widow.

The location was chosen in collaboration with the passenger manager of Brandts Klædefabrik and the artist himself says "I love the building with the yellow bricks and the cast iron window and it's a location where it can be a positive surprise to bump into a work you might not have expected."

The work was realised with support from the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces.

About the artist
Don John (born 1981) is a Danish street artist born and raised on Funen. Don John is his artist name, he prefers to remain anonymous and is only known by his artist name. He works primarily with stencil graffiti. He is known for his murals (gable paintings) in various Danish cities. He has also created gable murals in Berlin, Hamburg and Reykjavík.