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Gitte Vammen Keramik

At Gitte Vammen, just outside Varde, you can buy beautiful mugs, tea pots and other ceramics. Gitte turns and gives the clay a stylish expression.

Gitte Vammen Keramik is a ceramics shop located northwest of Varde, in Kærup near Janderup.
The ceramics are stoneware and glazed with beautiful colours and easy-to-use glazes. The clay is imprinted with impressions from things found in nature and what we surround ourselves with in everyday life.

Gitte Vammen turns and models utility items, creates unique relief images, commissioned pieces and ceramic Christmas decorations.

Everything is made in a simple design where function and aesthetics are equally important. Gitte Vammen makes ceramics for everyday life, for joy and for thought.

Website: www.gittevammen.dk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gittevammenkeramik
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gittevammen?igsh=N3ZpenAzYndwYmth&utm_source=qr