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Global Goal 9 - Brande

Global Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Artist: Nina K Ekman.

Together with the people of Brande, Nina K Ekman has made a gable from leftover yarn from the citizens, local companies and nearby carpet factories (Danish Wilton, Ege Tæpper). Nina K Ekman has made oversized Philodendron bipinnatus – a plant that normally grows in warmer climates. It must symbolize the duality that lies in nature's incredible strength and ability to adapt to new conditions and its fragility in the face of human influence. This with reference to climate change, which will also make Brande hotter, and to the entry of new and unknown plants into our cities and nature. Several Brandites have helped to knit/crochet 3745 patches for the work, which in its entirety consists of tufted, knitted, crocheted elements which are sewn together and impregnated with resin and hardened by the artist.

Nina K Ekman describes her artwork: "My artistic project stems both from the unique and untouched nature that I grew up with in Northern Norway, as well as bodily and emotional experiences. The correlation between the inner and outer world, reconciliation, appreciation of life and sustainability is thus became a red thread in my art."