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Glyngøre Kulturstation (Museum)

Glyngøre Kulturstation is a small local museum located in the old station buildings. Here, the focus is on local history and how the fjord has influenced the people around Glyngøre over time.

At the cultural station, you can experience how people throughout history, from ancient times to the present, have always been influenced by the fjord. The museum is beautifully located near the harbor of Glyngøre with a view of the Limfjord to Fur and Mors.

Glyngøre Kulturstation was established as a local history museum in 1990 in the old station building from 1884 but is today part of the state-recognized Museum Salling. At the museum, you'll learn more about the town of Glyngøre and about the railway, fishing, industry, and cultural life that have shaped the area.

There are also a number of fixed traditions at the cultural station. Every year, a new exhibition opens in the light of the Midsummer bonfire, and in December, you can experience "Mørkning," where a 'secret' person comes every day in December and tells a cozy story of "Mørkning" for children and adults. You can read about all events on www.glyngorekulturstation.dk.

In the museum shop, you can rent waders and equipment for shrimp and crab fishing. The shop offers nostalgic toys, Danish design, souvenirs, as well as books and maps.

Visit for more information: www.museumsalling.dk