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Godthaab Hammerværk Museum

The Museum Godthaab Hammerværk is a rare example of a former Danish industrial company. The Zinck family produced tools and utensils at Godthaab Hammerværk for 5 generations from 1858 to 1985.

The products created at the mill are still sold, but now as a part of Fiskars assortment. The listed buildings hold the original shop with restored machinery, which was all driven by waterpower.

The machinery is still running

A permanent exhibition shows various tools and instruments that have been produced at the iron mill along with a display of the original machines - all driven by water power. All machines have been restored and are still functioning and working when the museum is open.

The museum café offers refreshments in the opening hours.

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Presentation in English

A written guide for the exhibition is available in English. Guided tours in English can be arranged on request.