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Golf cart rental and guided island tour on Aarø

See Aarø in a fun and different way by renting a golf cart from Aarøs Perle. It is possible to rent both with and without a guide on the trip.

See Aarø in a golf cart with or without a guide

Aarø is a lovely little island which is definitely worth visiting, so why not hire a golf cart and take a tour? When you get off the ferry to Aarø, you can easily go to Aarøs Perle and rent one of his golf carts (on a first-come, first-served basis). You can rent one for 4 people and for 6 people.


Small car with room for 4 persons 250,- DKK per hour.

Large car with room for 6 persons 350,- DKK per hour.