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Gråsten Tilting-at-the-ring

Tilting the ring in Gråsten takes place annually. A real national festival with family bingo and entertainment on Thursday, bird shooting and tilting ball on Friday. Tilting-at-the-Ring on horseback and by bicycle as well as a secind hand market on Saturday and the big horse parade on Sunday at noon through the city to the tilting ground.

The tradition will be canceled in 2023
During the Sunday parade, on horseback, it is tradition for the royal family to greet the riders at the castles gate – many riders bring flowers and small gifts for the royal family.

NB. Since H.R.H. Queen Margrethe II is not in residence at Graasten Palace during this weekend, the parade does not come via the palace entrance, but depart from the riding school, Gråsten Rideskole, along the route Felstedvej - Slotsbakken - Slotsgade - Torvet - Borggade - Skolegade - Herles - Konkel - to the tilting ground.

Thursday 2023:
17.00-20.00 Family bingo with entertainment and picnic basket
20.00          The tilting ground closes.

Friday 2023:
16.15-18.00 Popinjay (pole archery). Anyone can participate, registration is not required. Price DKK 100
18.00-         The tilting ground and the small beer tent as well as the shooting booth and the stalls with food is opened
18.00-22.00 Tiltingball with food and music with Tip Top takes place in the big tent
20.00-24.00 Disco in the small beer tent - free entry
22.00-02.00 Party in the big tent with music by Tip Top - entry DKK 50
02.00           The tilting ground closes.

Saturday 2023:
12.00-16.00 Tilting-at-the-Ring on horseback and bicycles. The participants meet at the tilting ground
12.00-18.00 Second hand market
12.00-        The tilting ground with playland, shooting booth, stalls with food, a.o. activities is opened - free entry
13.00-17.00 warm-up in the small beer tent with 50's and 60's hits with Sophie Caroline & the Ra-Ra-Coons - free entry
18.00-19.00 Shooting competition at the shooting tent of the Ringriderforening
19.00-23.00 Ladies' lunch of the year in the big tent
19.00-23.00 Steaks and beer for men in the small tent
23.00-03.00 Citizens' ball in the big tent, Nick Jack All Star and DJ play non-stop music - entry DKK 75
03.00          The tilting ground closes.

Sunday 2023:
12.00-         The big parade on horseback and bicycles
12.00-         The Ringreiterplatz with playground, shooting range, stalls with food, etc. activities is opened
12.00-18.00 Second hand market
13.00-16.00 Musical entertainment in the small beer tent
13.15-15.00 tilting-at-the-Ring on horseback and bicycles
14.00-15.00 Concert in the big tent with Rinkenæs Brass Band and Sønderborg Pipes & Drums
15.00-         The winners of the tilting on bicycles will be announced
15.30-         Tilting-at-the-Ring for the title of king on horseback
17.30-         The winners of the tilting on horseback will be announced and then the procession back to the riding school starts
18.00-         The final shooting competition in the shooting tent.