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Grillhytten Landbomuseet - Large cabin with barbecue in beautiful surroundings in Kolding with the possibility of accommodation

A great shelter surrounded by nature in Harte Forest

100 meters inside Harte Skov you will find Grillhytten located close to the Landbomuseet. The barbecue hut is large and can accommodate 15 overnight guests as well as tables and benches. There are barbecue grills, pots, etc. Firewood can be bought on site, or you can bring your own.

There is access to water and a public toilet at the Landbomuseet.

Booking: The barbecue hut can be booked by contacting Landbomuseet. You will find contact information and prices on the Landbomuseet’s website.

Parking: You can park at the Landbomuseet.