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Guided group trip to Sprogø from Nyborg for companies, societies and others

Take a bus tour as a group to the normally closed island of Sprogø in the Great Belt. Through VisitNyborg, you can get your association or company written on the waiting list for your own private Sprogø tour with bus and guide.

Sprogø – the island at the centre of Danish history

Go on a group bus tour to the normally closed island, Sprogø, in the Great Belt. You can be added to a waiting list by VisitNyborg for your organization or firm’s own “closed” Sprogø tour by bus with a guide. Contact VisitNyborg for more information.

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Welcome to a fantastic day on Sprogø. A unique, protected island at the centre of more than a thousand years of Denmark’s history. The island has unique flora and fauna, historic monuments and modern technical installations.

It is only permitted to visit Sprogø on the trips that VisitNyborg has offered since 2001. The tours are available in only very limited numbers and we prioritise providing an experience that’s out of the ordinary. You will be informed about what makes Sprogø unique and connects Nyborg and Sprogø together at the centre of Danish history.

Over the years, Sprogø has played a central role in Denmark’s history. From when Valdermar’s Castle was established on Sprogø as part of Denmark’s defences against the Wends, until the modern transport corridor of the Great Belt Fixed Link (bridge and tunnel system across the Great Belt).

The centre – or heart – of the Danish kingdom is vital for supplying it. It’s here that everything passes through and the life of the kingdom is maintained. The heart is also strategically the most important part to protect. This can be seen with the Great Belt Fixed Link, as well as at Nyborg and on Sprogø with Nyborg Castle and Valdemar’s Castle.

But it was not only the king at Nyborg Castle who had his eyes on Sprogø. Due to its isolated location in the Great Belt, Sprogø has become the home of a unique animal and plant life, which is not found elsewhere. In the past, the Danish state also used Sprogø to separate girls and women “of easy virtue” from the “respectable” part of the population.

Sprogø was, is and will always be a central element of Denmark’s history. Now it’s your turn to experience Sprogø and learn its fantastic story.

Cancellation of your tour by A/S Storebælt may occur. Please read the tour conditions. Not suitable for those who have difficulties walking. To register please contact VisitNyborg.