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Guided tours in Fredericia

The exciting history of Fredericia is best experienced by booking a guided tour. Throughout the year, we arrange guided tours. You can sign up for the tours via our booking portal.

We can also help you with private group tours. We have more than 30 guides who each have their particular interests and who convey Fredericias past and present through various themes and tales. We always strive to find a guide that suits your group. And if you have special wishes, such as a guided bike tour, this can also be arranged.

Contact Visit Fredericia for questions or bookings Phone: +45 72 11 35 12 og mail visit@frederica.dk

Combine your guided tour in Fredericia with a visit at the Historic Miniature Town of Fredericia, which is a faithful copy of Fredericia in 1849. The town of Fredericia is reproduced in 1:10 scale and with its numerous wonderful details, the miniature town is a guaranteed success with both adults and children. You can see fascinating insights into how the small houses are made when you take a look inside the working workshop. See below possible subjects for your guided tour.

An Urban Walk through Fredericia
On this walk through the heart of the town, you can check out how straight the streets are and see how beautifully the ramparts frame the old town. The route goes past Fru Nielsen’s House and Nordstjernen, which were originally stud farms and are some of Fredericia’s oldest buildings. They now have protected building status and therefore remain faithful to the architectural style of the day. Hear tales about how life was lived in the fortified town which was Denmark’s haven of religious freedom and discover some of Fredericia’s churches close up.

Fredericia the Free Town
In 1674, King Christian V declared freedom of religion in the town of Fredericia, which meant that all Christian denominations and Jews were allowed to settle in Fredericia. The Jewish population was even granted permission to build a synagogue. This freedom of religion provided a sanctuary where oppressed faiths were free to practise their religion. This is still highly evident today where the numerous different churches bear witness to Fredericia’s religious diversity. On a trip around Fredericia you will have the opportunity to visit some of the churches, both new and old, as well as the Mosaic Burial Ground (Mosaisk Begravelsesplads), which is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Denmark outside Copenhagen.

Following the Soldier’s Footsteps
Go on a guided tour that focuses on Fredericia’s ramparts and hear the story of how Denmark was transformed from a major European power to a tiny state. Through participation in several unfortunate wars (for which Denmark pretty much only had itself to blame) Fredericia’s ramparts assumed a central role and have, amongst other things, served as the surroundings for one of Denmark’s biggest defeats, but also for one of the proudest victories, when world history was written. This exciting story of the fortified town and its ramparts, which is one of Northern Europe's most well-preserved installations, will be brought to life and a solid overview will be presented of the background and history of the entire fortification.

Back yard tours
Go on an unconventional and exciting wander through Fredericia’s back yards. We go behind the facade and see what back yards are concealing. Experience Fredericia from an angle that is not immediately accessible every day and gain a brand new impression of the town’s little treasures. Cultural and historic treasures alike lie concealed in the back yards and your guide will take you to the most interesting of them.

The area around Snoghøj offers astonishing nature right by the Little Belt and with a view of Middelfart across the water. The beautiful area is well hidden behind the trees below Trinity Hotel and Conference Centre. Visit Fredericia can arrange for a guided nature walk that will take you past meadows, lakes and the charming hilly terrain all the while telling the exciting story about Snoghøj Folk School and the ferry landing from which the old ferries between Snoghøj and Middelfart used to sail around-the-clock. You will also hear the story of the ferries’ successor – the first Little Belt Bridge. Last, but not least you will get a chance to learn about the world’s smallest member of the whale species, the porpoise. The Little Belt area is home to Northern Europe’s densest porpoise population.

Trelde Næs
The scenic, protected area of Trelde Næs north of Fredericia offers a range of guided nature walks. The forest on the peninsula hosts a unique combination of flora and fauna. There are many protected plants in the area. Among them is the rare orchid Orchis Purpurea (the Lady Orchid), which only grows in a few places in Denmark. The forest is also extraordinarily rich with fungi. We have walks that focus on herbs and plants, walks for bird-watchers or walks where you can do a geological exploration of the steep clay slopes. Our professional nature guide can also tell you the colourful tales of Count Trolle – the King of the Ness and the Troll House. There are many different options for a guided trip to Trelde Næs and we can tailor the experience to match your requests.

The Fortified Town of Fredericia in 1864
The year 1864 did not just mean a bloody war on Als and at Dybbøl. In the First Schleswig War (1848-50) Fredericia’s value as a fortification was already proven and in 1864, the town also had an important defensive role to play. We are going on an exciting trip around the city and will hear the less known story about what happened and see examples of the 150 years old remains that are still visible in the urban environment. You will also hear a little about how civilian residents were affected by the local state of war.

Family Trip on Fredericia’s Ramparts
Walk from bastion to bastion, while your guide talks about the history of the ramparts and their central importance for Denmark’s defence. There will be ample opportunity to see some of the finely-preserved cannons and mortars that are located around the ramparts. How far do you think they could fire? You could be the King on your trip and lead your entourage towards the White Water Tower, where the trip ends with an impressive view over the town of Fredericia.