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Guided trip to the industrial pearl Christiansdal

Visit the hydroelectric plant at Christiansdal.

Approximately 1,2 kilometers east of Tørning Mill you will find the hydroelectric plant Christiansdal. In 2017, Tørning Mill took over the power-producing plant after the Danish Nature Agency, which still technically owns the building. But it means that today, Tørning Mill, with the help of volunteers, runs and maintains the plant and the internal parts of the buildings. 

At Christiansdal you can experience and see the power plant that supplied half of the needed electricity for Haderslev in the 19th century. It is also Tørning Mill and the guides of Tørning Mill that conveys the 300 years of industrial history of the place.

The tour lasts 1 1/2 hours. Price: 350 DKK. You can book the tour all year around at +45 74 50 74 50.