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Guldlok Dukketeater

Guldlok Dukketeater presents the family show, "Father Christmas’s Magic Wand". The performance is for children and adults alike from 2 to 90 years of age.

A Christmas adventure in nisseland (the land inhabited by gnome-like creatures). To make life easier for himself, Father Christmas has bought a magic wand. But one day some angry “nisse gnomes” steal the wand. They magic Father Christmas into a soap bubble and then vanish into the woods. How on earth can there now be Christmas in nisseland? With the assistance of a Snowman and his friend, the Pine Cone, and many others – including the public – Christmas is saved! A wonderful and enjoyable comedy adventure.

Tickets can be reserved in advance on mobile +45 40 16 07 60.

The performance lasts around 45-50 minutes.