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Haarum Havn

Haarum harbor is a small cozy dinghy harbor next to Nissum Bredning. Where you have a good exit to Nissum Bredning. Where there are good opportunities to catch lobster and other fish. From the harbor you have a good view of Nissum Bredning, Harboøre Tange, the large wind turbines and the FMC factory on Rønland. Further south-east you can see Kappel by Lemvig and Gjellerodde.

Haarum Harbor is located a little east of Harboøre in connection with the protected game reserve Haarum. Here you can experience deer and a rich bird life, as the area serves as a breeding and resting place. For example, it may be possible to see more ducks and waders such as: Itchers, vipers, redshanks, moths, roosters and great bustards

In the scenic area you will find both nature trails and gravel roads that lead you around the area. As it is a wild trevervat, be aware that there may be restrictions on traffic, sailing and hunting in the area.

In the middle of the area you will find an open space with a lot of small sheds. This is where the local music festival Haze over Haarum is located.

The harbor was originally built in 1921 for the fjord fishermen. At the time, it was an important part of the livelihood of the many families who lived in the area.
In the 1950s, the harbor became sandy, and the decade after, the harbor was completely abandoned. For many years, the area was just a meadow area that attracted and housed many bird species.

A few years ago, however, a few local citizens got the courage to restore the harbor. Today, Haarum Harbor has 20 fishing cabins and 37 berths - all occupied by local fishermen and boat owners.