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HærvejsPause at Hærvejsherberget Thorning

Take a break on your hike along the Hærvejen. At the horning Hostel, you will find one of the many HærvejsPauser, where you can refill your water bottle, charge your phone, eat your packed lunch indoors if you have one, or use the restroom.

The payment for using the hostel for a Hærvej Break or taking a shower can be made through MobilePay or in cash.

The hostel is open during the season of June, July, and August with check-in available from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Shopping options

Spar supermarket, Blichersvej 13. The supermarket has over-the-counter medicine and postal services. Thorning Pizzeria, Møllevej 1.

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