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The Halbardiers

Drabantgarden -  Frederik's 2nd personal guard corps in war and peace

In 1571, King Frederik 2. of Denmark founded a corps of guards for his own protection. The corps was named Drabantgarden (The Halberdiers) and was to be his personal guard in war and peace.

The Halberdier’s weapon was initially a halberd with a spear and axe. In 1703 the guard’s armament changed to flint guns.

The kettledrum and bugle were the musical instruments of the Halberdier, and it was the job of the musicians to accompany the king on his travels and play for the king and his guests at court festivities, during which they also played other instruments.

The Halberdier guard led the coronation procession of King Christian IV with their kettledrums, drums and flutes.

Drabantgarden as it appears today was founded on 6 February 1971 - exactly 400 years after Frederik 2.'s foundation of the original guard.

The guard consists a drum corps, pike bearers and a brass band, and is available for international tattoos, town marches concerts and company jubilees in both Denmark and abroad. Read more at www.drabantgarden.dk.