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Halloween in Ree Park Safari

During the autumn break, Ree Park Safari invites you into a cozy, eerie Halloween world. The exotic animals have been joined by some of nature's mythical creatures and other mischievous, scary, and whimsical beings.

Explore and learn more about nature and conservation efforts - and have a true Halloween experience.

Magic and Enchantment

Meet Ludwig Lionheart, who arrives by a special train from one of his many journeys around the world, creating pure magic. Listen to his enchanting stories Monday to Friday at 1:30 PM.

Nature Workshop - Huldr's Cave

You can also visit Huldr's Cave and learn how you and your family can help animals in the Danish nature. Discover how you can assist those who crawl, creep, and fly through the winter.

See Skeletons Come to Life at the Skeleton Workshop

In the Skeleton Workshop, you can take a closer look at how different animals look on the inside. Ask all the questions you want and learn more about what makes different species unique.

Go on a Safari across the Savannah or Prairie

The whole family can also embark on a Land Rover Safari tour across the African savannah, where you can get close to giraffes, rhinoceroses, wildebeests, and many other exciting animals! Or take the American Express, an unforgettable train journey across the North American prairie, where you can experience black bears, bison, or Arctic wolves. You can also go on a walking safari, where you get to choose which animals you want to learn more about.

Stay Close to the Animals

If the family is going on a vacation or an extended weekend, you can also stay overnight at Ree Park Safari. With an overnight stay in the park, you and your family are guaranteed an extraordinary experience. There are offers on accommodation in the Camel Camp cabins throughout the autumn break.

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