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Hammerich's House

Hammerichs Hus is a real time warp in the centre of Ærøskøbing. There are low-ceilinged living rooms, nooks and crannies and plenty of stories to explore.

On the corner of Brogade and Gyden, you can visit the red house, one of Ærøskøbing's well-preserved half-timbered houses.

This is where sculptor and collector Gunnar Hammerich had his summer residence from 1916 to 1967, when he transferred the house to Ærøskøbing Municipality. He wanted the house and collection to be preserved for posterity.

The agreement states, among other things, that "...the collection must be maintained as it is now and as it exists". The more than 2,500 artefacts in the house are therefore still placed where Gunnar Hammerich decided they should be.

Already during Gunnar Hammerich's time, people began to recognise the value of the old, and Hammerichs Hus therefore also tells the story of why Ærøskøbing is as well preserved as it is today.

Combined ticket

Hammerichs Hus is today owned by Ærø Museum, and a combined ticket gives you access to both museum houses. Buy the joint ticket at Ærø Museum.

Guided tour for groups

As a group you can book a guided tour at Ærø Museum. Booking must be done well in advance and at least 14 days before your visit.

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