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Hammerum/Gjellerup Lido

The open-air swimming pool in Hammerum is a modern outdoor swimming pool with a big pool, a small pool, big jumping pillow, beachvolley and barbecue facilities. 

Hammerum/Gjellerup Lido – outdoor pools and sport activities

  • 25m swimming pool with 1m and 3m diving board
  • 12,5m swimming pool for education and leisure for kids
  • Water temperature always 25-27 degrees Celcius
  • Beach vollyball court
  • 15m bouncing pillow
  • Sunbeds and area for plays and social activities
  • Grill for free use
  • Kiosk with coffee, sodas, candy and popcorn
  • Always a lifeguard present
  • Rent the lido – enjoy an evening with friends or family

The 25m outdoor swimming pool is heated throughout the season to a temperature that will leave you feeling fresh and energised. At between 25-27 degrees Celsius, it allows for comfortable swimming and leisure.