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Hansted Forest

This interesting nature area in connection to the villages of Hansted and Egebjerg, north of Horsens, is not known by many but certainly worth a visit. Prepare the picnic basket and go exploring the green, hilly landscape.  

In the deep quiet of the forest

The area in and around Hansted Forest is exceptionally exciting. There are steep hills, deep ravines with a stream running at the bottom, a lake with a sluice and a fish ladder, fish in the lake, and swans, ducks, and coots on the shiny lake’s surface. Not to mention the forest reserve and the big hills. There is plenty to see here both summer and winter.


Head to Waterworks Lake

An ideal starting point for the nature experience is the parking lot at the banks of Egebjerg Lake (Waterworks Lake). Set the GPS to Skovvej in Egebjerg. The lake is located in a valley, and from here you can see forested slopes all around. You really get the feeling of being embraced by nature. Next to the lake there are 10 tables and benches where you can enjoy your lunch. From the parking lot there are several options for short roundtrips on foot. You can go for a walk through the forest or on the lovely path along Little Hansted Stream (Lille Hansted Å) between Hansted and Egebjerg.  


The extent and terrain of the forest

Hansted Forest is just under two kilometres long and approx. 1½ kilometre wide. It stretches from Egebjerg Lake in the south to the village Tolstrup to the north. The highest slopes are 30-40 metres tall, and the streams falls no less than 14 metres from Tolstrup to the lake. The forest is divided into three units. The forest reserve, a privately owned section called “the farmers’ forests” and the southern part of the forest including the lake which is owned by Horsens Municipality. There are many trails in the forest making it easy to get around and explore the hilly landscape.


Following the stream to Hansted

If you choose to go south from the parking lot, there is a beautiful path following the winding Little Hansted Stream. It is a nice walk through a green landscape where you often cross the stream on bridges. Next to the path, near the parking lot, is a good free nature camp site with shelters and a barbecue hut where you can take a break or sleep under the stars.

You can make this route a roundtrip by going back to the parking lot on Vandmøllevej. You can follow this route and other routes through Hansted Forest via the Coastal Land digital map.


On a daytrip to Hansted and Egebjerg

At the northern outskirts of the forest, you can visit the entertaining Gedved Bikepark where children and adults can try fun challenges on the bicycle. There is a 125 metre pumptrack and a 600 metre serpentine track with five big berms. The park is entertaining and has good facilities such as a roofed picnic spot and a toilet.

If you are more interested in locally produced food and farm shops then you should stop by the old manor Hanstedgaard where you can purchase the farm’s own production of vegetables and quality meat. You could also visit the nearby roadside foodstall at Hanstedholm