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The wooded areas of Hasle Lystskov and Hasle
Klinker were originally open fleids behind the beach.
In the i 700s the area was exposed to heavily drifting
sands which threatened the surrounding farmland. As a result, the area was planted with trees from
1820 to 1850.
Hasle Lystskov is managed under consideration of its reoreational value.
Hasle Lystskov is a designated conservation area to preserve the woodland in its present state. Hasle Klinker Wood is today highly varied and contains many remnants from the excavation of clay and coal during the past two hundred years. The lakes Rubinsøen, Smaragdsøen and Safirsøen are former, now water-filled, coal and clay pits. Angling is permitted in the three lakes (information on site- Remember your fishing license!). Some of the paths are part of the coastal path network.