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Havnens Café & Isbar

We dare to promise that Havnens Café & Isbar is among Denmark’s best ice cream parlours. With a huge selection of delicious ice cream and an unrivalled location on the harbour quay, it is one of the places you just have to visit in Juelsminde.

Delights in the heart of Juelsminde

Havnens Café & Isbar is a cornucopia of refreshing ice cream and exciting café dishes. Enjoy your meal outdoors on the quay in the lively marina, indoors or in the beautiful new conservatory overlooking the water.

A well-prepared team of smiling young people stand ready here to fulfil any wish, so waiting times are limited to a minimum, although the queue may seem long on a warm summer evening.

What can we offer?

You have a luxury problem when you visit the popular ice cream parlour. What do you choose when there are 43 kinds of ice cream, 5 types of soft ice and 20 kinds of sprinkles and toppings on the menu? You can have a traditional soft ice with cocoa powder, or you can try something new. Maybe half vanilla ice cream/half strawberry ice cream with strawberry jam, coconut sprinkles or Daim sprinkles?

Or you could try the homemade Italian ice cream - perhaps with pomegranate, rhubarb or blood orange?

You can always enjoy an ice lolly ... or a milkshake... or an iced coffee... or...

Either way, you can be sure it tastes awesome.

When you need to satisfy your hunger

It is not just the ice cream that draws people to the busy café. Traditional, well-prepared café dishes such as sandwiches, nachos and salads are available here. There is also a selection of succulent homemade burgers, and one of the customers’ favourites is the delicious rib burger made with barbecue-marinated spare rib meat.

You can also try the inviting open burgers that are made on a potato rösti base.

And, of course, you are also welcome to sit and enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer in the town’s best location.

Denmark’s best harbour atmosphere

According to TripAdvisor, Juelsminde Harbour & Marina is the best in the country. There is always plenty of life and atmosphere in the big marina, and you will find eateries, a great playground with crab races, a big fish shop, activities, a Blue Flag beach and exciting shops. You can read more about the harbour here.