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Heerum Museum

Henry Heerup (1907-1993), painter, sculptor and graphic designer, is known and loved for his unique ability to address the major existential issues of life in a simple and accessible way. Heerup’s straight-forward enthusiasm for storytelling and simple, colorful expression has found its way into many homes and classrooms. From the 1940’s, Heerup was a major player in Danish and international art circles, and a member of the CoBrA movement.

In 1946 Henry Heerup purchased a site in Rødovre, which served as his outdoor studio for the rest of his life. The core of the museum’s collection consists of Heerup’s own works that the artist kept in his home. In 1995 these works were donated to Rødovre Municipality by his widow, Marion Heerup. The collection consists of paintings, graphic art, drawings, stone sculptures and ‘junk art’. Combined with personal items from Heerup’s workroom, these provide special insight into the artist’s universe. Heerup Museum was designed by architect, Bernd Kjelland, and opened in 2001 next to the Rødovregaard community centre.

Changing exhibitions featuring the museum’s own works, and works on loan, take visitors on a journey of discovery through Heerup’s life and art. The museum also actively collects eye-witness descriptions and knowledge about privately owned works of art. Information about current and planned exhibitions is available at www.heerup.dk.


A number of events are held each year to spread knowledge and awareness of Heerup’s life and works. These include presentations on topics relating to the changing exhibitions e.g. debates, film presentations, musical events and workshops. See www.heerup.dk for current events.

The museum regularly offers free public guided tours of the current exhibitions. Special guided tours for groups can be arranged by calling +45 3637 8700. For prices see www.heerup.dk.