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Helle K Art & Design

Helle K Art & Design is a small design and art shop, beautifully located right on the waterfront in Hundested.

Here, you enter a world of craftsmanship.

Baskets from Senegal, Shona stone and iron sculptures from Zimbabwe, handwoven carpets from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, silk velvet bedspreads from Bangladesh, cushions and lacquer boxes from Vietnam, and a wide selection of hand-sewn cushions, rugs, bedspreads, and scarves from India and Nepal.

Handmade hats, including Panama hats from Ecuador. Sandals from Shangies and a large assortment of various jewelry, bags, and scarves.

A common thread throughout is that most of the products have a story, a story of recycling and sustainability, and above all, fair trade with the producers.