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Herman Sallings Plads

The harbour square between Dokk1 and Navitas, Herman Sallings Plads, is a place where many gather, where large parties and activities are organised and where you can enjoy the view over the water and city.

Here you can stroll in a vibrant environment, enjoy the beautiful water and city views, take a breather on one of the many wooden benches, play football or basketball with friends or let yourself be engulfed by Jeppe Hein's artificial fountain, Endless Connection.

The events square

From time to time, the square hosts major events such as exhibitions, markets, concerts and the like. As the square is next to the sea, it is also suitable for various water activities. Herman Sallings Plads connects the city center with Aarhus Ø, so if you want to stroll and look at the city's modern architecture, you can move from the square and out towards Aarhus' youngest district, where you'll find Isbjerget.

Water art and play paradise for children

If you are interested in art or embrace a different experience, then you should stop by the spectacular Endless Connection on the harbor square. The work is a large and unconventional fountain, a kind of water pavilion, with over two meter high walls of water jets that are pumped up from nozzles in the ground. With its many changing shapes, the fountain invites you to play and explore between the water jets.

Easy to get to

The waterfront draws many people down to the water, but luckily it's easy to get there. The light rail takes you from the Central Station directly to Aarhus' waterfront. You can hop on your bike and ride all the way, or you can take your car and park in Dokk1's underground parking garage (for a fee).

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