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Herring of the year election

Heering and Schnapps = The DNA of Hirtshals

Herring, schnapps and Hirtshals - a trinity

Herring, schnapps and Hirtshals has always been associated as a trinity influenced by the sea, the countryside and the authenticity that characterize the area around Hirtshals.

"Herring af the year" is a tribute to the herring as a unique dining and therefore a tribute to the nature, the sea and Hirtshals. The purpose is both to retain the traditions of a old-fashioned marinated herring and to seek new flavor options.

The event is held annually at the North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals, selecting the new "Herring of the year" from qualified bid of a perfect match of marinade and herring.

The participants are talented chefs from various restaurants from all over Denmark.