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Hike - Vandkraftsøen (Hydroelectric lake)

The Power Station Lake - Vandkraftsøen looks like a natural lake but it was created between 1940-42 as a job training project for the Storå. 

The hike around the lake takes you past the power plant and 'Stryget', which gives salmon access to pass the power plant. You will also pass Uhregaard and Tusindårshaven.

Further along the route you find Tvis Mill and Tvis Convent dating back from 1163.

Today the convent can be seen as small hills.

The hike also takes you past TV Midt-Vest and the distinctive sculpture Kaos Tempel by Frithioff Johansen, right by People's park, which includes the memorial stone marking the 100 year anniversary of the repeal of adscription.