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Hiking to the three high hilltops Trehøje

Trehøje are three majestic hilltops that proudly rise 127 metres above sea level in the middle of the scenic Mols Bjerge National Park. Discover the height of natural beauty as you climb these peaks and marvel at the impressive landscape.

The Short Trip Trehøje

If you climb the three hilltops, you can experience a view like no other. The landscape rises up steeply from the coast, offering surprisingly pleasant panoramas of Djursland’s undulating landscape on one side and the Kattegat’s sinuous coast on the other. 

The landscape of Trehøje is East Jutland’s largest area of grassland, featuring open grassy expanses containing flowers, juniper bushes, and scattered deciduous undergrowth. In the middle of summer, these areas are almost brown-purple in colour, when the wavy hair grass blooms. This time of year is perfect for gathering berries and mushrooms with your family at Trehøje. The hilly landscape was created during the ice age when masses of ice pushed the hills up.

During the Bronze Age, the hills were used to construct burial places, and Trehøje is one of the most prominent of 11 burial mounds in the area.  

You can experience the area on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. There are a number of parking areas at Mols Bjerge, and you can drive your car directly into a car park at Trehøje.


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