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Hiking: Tour de Landdistrikt, Brønderslev

Tour de Landdistrikt is a concept created with a wish to expand the knowledge about the many trails around the rural district of Brønderslev Municipality.


You can find 23 different routes in nine different towns.

In Agersted you find three different routes (9.9 km, 6.4 km and 3.9 km) in the beautiful countryside in the eastern part of the municipality.

In Flauenskjold by Jyske Ås and close to Voergaard Castle you find two routes (9.1 km and 3.2 km).

Close to the coastline by the towns Geraa and Melholt south of Asaa there are three routes (7.6 km, 4.7 km and 3.7 km), where you can experience the historical Sorens Minde, Melholt Church and a dog forest.

At Hallund just in the centre of Brønderslev Municipality, you will find two routes (7.5 km and 6 km), where you can experience Hallund Church, manor and deers.

The routes by Jerslev (8.4 km, 6.7 km and 3 km) takes you to the beautiful Teglgården and a great playground, and you can learn the story of the neighbourhood called "Langthjem" ("A long way home"). Besides, 3.2 km of the 6.7 km route are wheelchair friendly.

In Klokkerholm three routes are located (4.7 km, 3.1 km and 2.3 km). Here you will visit the idyllic Klokkerholm Møllesø, beautiful scenery by Brøndlund and the burial mound called Bjerghøje.

In Manna-Thise the three routes (11.1 km, 5.1 km and 3.9 km) guides you through the hilly, almost fairytale-like landscape, past the lookout tower in Thise Bakker, the stunning Thise Church and Vor Frue Kilde.

Close to the 800 year old town of Serritslev you can experience tree routes (10.1 km, 5 km and 3.2 km) that offers exciting history. You will also experience the natural area Skovpladsen, Serritslev Church and several scenic views of Nørre Å.

The routes by Øster Brønderslev (8.1 km, 6 km and 3.1 km) takes you to Galgebakken, Bålhøj Plantation and gives you the stories of Damhale and Tingstedet.


Brochures for all the Tour de Landdistrikt routes:



Geraa og Melholt






Øster Brønderslev