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The Hiking Trail on Tunø Island

Try this exceptionally beautiful hiking trail on the car-free island of Tunø. The entire way around the island, you walk along the coastline, a large part of it on top of the island's high cliffs, offering impressive views. The trail is 8 kilometers long and perfect for a day trip, combined with the other experiences the island has to offer.

Beautiful hiking route in The East Jutland Archipelago

Charming and cozy Tunø exudes an authentic island atmosphere and is worth a visit for everyone. The island can easily be explored on a day trip as the ferry ride from Hou only takes about an hour. Tunø is not large, and a roundtrip on the island can be completed in a couple of hours, but it is time well spent. Along the coast, there is a signposted hiking trail of 8 kilometers.


Around the island

The journey starts from the island's harbor. Upon arrival by ferry, follow the road until you reach the end of the harbor, where you will encounter the island's main road. Here, you can choose to follow the signs to the right or left. We recommend starting by going to the left and following the south coast. You can begin by passing Tunø Købmandsgård, where you have the opportunity to stock up on provisions.

Along the south coast, you walk on a grassy path, gradually ascending higher into the terrain. From the top of Sønderklint, 20 meters above the beach, the view is quite impressive. As you approach the western tip of the island, Stenkalven, you descend onto the beach. After rounding the tip, you continue on grassy paths along a cliff—this time Nørreklint, which is home to Denmark's largest population of the rare razorbill bird. Along the north coast, you descend into the terrain and follow a path along the peaceful beach, Nørrestrand, where you can take a dip.

The route does not extend all the way to the island's eastern tip but turns inland, passing through Tunø Teltplads, and back to the harbor. However, it is recommended to venture out to the tip, where you can enjoy a splendid view of Samsø.


Explore Tunø

The route around Tunø takes a couple of hours on foot. If you have more energy, you can gain a different impression of the island by following the roads inland. Since Tunø is car-free, there is no traffic, and it is a safe and peaceful experience to follow the gravel roads toward the west. Points of interest include the observation tower on Øvrevej, the airfield on the western part of the island, and the wooded bog that can be observed from Grøvten and Lyngballen roads.

In any case, take a stroll through Tunø By and experience the island atmosphere. Make sure to enjoy a meal in the sun at one of the island's eateries and treat yourself to an icecream to complete a perfect day on Tunø.

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The Tunø Treasure Hunt

We recommend taking the children on a hiking trip to Tunø. Along the route, there is a free treasure hunt where you have to answer questions during your journey around the island. After the trip, you can receive a Tunø medal by submitting the treasure map at the Købmandsgård (grocery store).

You can print the treasure map from home, get it on the ferry, or at the grocery store. You can find more information about the treasure hunt on this page.


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