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Hiking trails - Illeris-, Lodhøj og Rotholmen Plantage

Nördlich von Hvalpsund finden Sie die Illeris-, Lodhøj- und Rotholm-Plantage, wo Sie die wunderschöne Natur erleben und mehr als 16 Hügelgräber aus alter Zeit entdecken können.

There are two marked hiking trails in the plantations. The cycling route Ertebølleruten No. 36 - part of the national cycling route No. 12 - passes through the plantations. The diverse bird species bring life to the varied vegetation.

The old connecting road between Hvalpsund, Alstrup, and Gedsted winds through the plantations. The road also served as a church path to Alstrup and in slightly more modern times as a milk route from the surrounding farms to the dairy in Hvalpsund.

The more than 16 burial mounds from the Bronze Age provide an impression of our ancestors through millennia. None of the mounds have been excavated by archaeologists, but many of them show traces of treasure hunters who have searched for a hidden treasure. Many settlements and other archaeological traces are hidden around and between the mounds.

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