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The hiking trails Kløverstierne in Lem

”Kløverstien” in Lem offers four exciting routes

The hiking trails Kløverstierne in Lem consists of four inspiring routes:

The green route - the city route - 2.5 kilometers

The city route tells a story about the village Lem, and it leads you to the culture house, the new social meeting place, "Gartnerjorden", the church, and an old well functioned village hall.

The blue route - the history route - 5 kilometers

The history route takes you to see local culture passing through locations contributing to tell the story of the history and development of the village Lem.   

The red route - the culture and nature route - 8.2 kilometers

This route is favourable for both biking, running or hiking and it takes you to see the local culture and scenery.

The black route - The neighbourhood - 10.5 kilometers

The black route will take you to "Slugten" called “little Norway” because of the unique landscape and beautiful scenery. It also takes you to the manor houses Bustrup Hovedgård and Hostrup Hovedgård.