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Histotoriet - Children's Museum

Your next adventure could be at the Histotorium museum! The Histotorium is a place to explore for children in connection with the museum staff. Our museusm is unique when it comes to quirky play machines and various display cabinets, where you can examine many exciting objects!

Enabling you to play a scientist, feel free to put on a white lab coat! This way you can learn about the past while you play! 

The Histotorium museum is housed in a 200 year old half-timbered house with crooked doors, parlours, and is designed in a maze-like fashion, with theme based rooms. 

The museum staff are nearby, in case you need a helping hand! We call them H, A & C, - a Historian, an Archaeologist and a Conservator.

Opening hours vary depending on the time of the year, check the website for more details.