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Hjarnø Kartofler

Fresh, newly dug potatoes from Hjarnø are something very special. When you visit this small island in Horsens Fjord, do treat yourself to a bag of potatoes for your dinner. Hjarnø Potatoes offers you a local and authentic high-quality product.

Edible gold from the fertile soil

In the summer, not much beats fresh, new potatoes. On Hjarnø conditions for cultivating potatoes are good and the mild soil that is warmed by the sea means that potatoes can be planted earlier than on the mainland. Close to the sea, on the south-facing shores of the island, the underground tubers grow healthy and tasty in the fertile soil.

Freshly dug – cooked with sea salt and a sprig of lovage – these new potatoes have been a coveted food for generations. When you buy potatoes from Hjarnø Kartofler, you are guaranteed a good quality product, grown traditionally and using good craftmanship.


Also available on the mainland

The lucky potatoes from brdr. Jensen are taken to the mainland every day during the season – including Sunday – to local shops and cooperatives as well as to several commercial centres, both on the Juelsminde peninsula and in Horsens.

If you would like information on the nearest vendor, feel free to contact Jens Jørren on telephone numbers 75 68 32 10 or 27 73 00 03.


Visit Hjarnø

The small island of Hjarnø is located in the mouth of Horsens Fjord, only a five-minute ferry trip from the harbour town Snaptun. Hjarnø has beautiful nature and a unique island atmosphere even though the island is quite close to the mainland. The potato season typically starts in May and continues for a few months and, during this period, Hjarnø is full of life while tourists experience the special peaceful atmosphere that characterises the island.

And while you are visiting the island, why not spice up your visit by taking home a tasty, local souvenir?