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Hjortø Habour

Dock at the small island in the middle of the Archipelago, with many possibilities.

The island is a very small community with just a handful of permanent residents. In the other houses on the island, holiday guests and island enthusiasts enjoy the close island life on Hjortø.

The harbor has about 20 boat berths and there is a nice service building with toilet, shower, and running water.

The harbor has few facilities but is a magnificent experience. There are no shops or eateries – which also adds to its charm. Therefore, remember to bring your necessities on board.

If you have children on board who think spending a night in a shelter could be a fun experience, it's possible to book one of the harbor's shelters. There is also a small campsite.

In the historical fishing house at the harbor, you can buy a cool ice cream in the summer heat. The building serves as both a service facility and a museum, providing a fine insight into the island's history and the families that have ensured the island's survival through generations.

Put on your hiking boots and take a walk around the island. You can see water all the way around. The island is a mecca for true nature lovers. Rare plants, hares darting in groups, and pheasants on the move. There are about 100 bird species – look out for sea eagles, wrens, and brent geese. Listen carefully at the ponds; perhaps you can hear the rare bell frog.